Home Ownership – Two Years In

Just over a year ago I shared initial thoughts on being a homeowner. I realized how quickly this 2nd year has come and gone. It’s been another year of changes for me and for the house. Since last summer, I had the opportunity to take the trip of a lifetime and enjoy time away from work – and America. I also have seen roommates come and go, including one who had his own challenges in buying his own 1st home. Others came into town and stayed for a time before moving on – or moving back – to other adventures.  Currently, I’m flying solo and am considering whether I should seek out a new roommate or continue to live here by myself. As both have their pros and cons, the internal debate continues.

And of course, it wouldn’t be a year at the Myrtle Estates without a little TLC and updating to my 60’s style ranch. Some of you have seen these photos on Facebook or Google+, but what follows is a recap of what’s been changed since last year.

Winter/Spring 2012

Bedroom 1

Since this year’s “winter” wasn’t much of one, this season is almost the same. The first room to see a change was the “non-guest” bedroom. It mainly just saw a facelift with paint. If a roommate makes their way into the house, this room would be theirs. It’s a good size too.



Hall Bathroom

The most dramatic of the updates. This project took 2 weeks for the crew to fully demo the pinkish hued room and turn it into something that didn’t scream 1960’s. See a few more pics in this post.



Hardwood floor refinishing

Since I had the house to myself starting in March and there wasn’t anyone else to bother, I decided I also wanted to get the floors refinished. I briefly considered looking into replacing, but quickly learned from flooring guys I have floors that are in good shape and is a style of cut called quartersawn oak (more info here via Wikipedia). I was glad I did just refinish because what was hiding underneath the amber colored coating was some beautiful oak floors.



Summer 2012

The most recent facelift came to the “guest” bedroom. I quote that because a friend called it home for almost a year and a half! The room had that cabin charm from being fully paneled. But I decided it was time to brighten it up. I decided this room would be as Scandinavian as possible and I went all white for the paint. (The closet doors are the last project for this room.) This project started about a month ago and was just finished this weekend after painting the ceiling and installing new bookshelves and a bed frame. It’s just begging to have a visitor stay for a day or two!



A new home to my physical media.


What’s next?

My handy neighbor has offered to help me install new interior solid core doors for all the bedrooms. That should be happening this fall.  Then perhaps finally getting a battery backup for the sump pump. Then saving some money! The last big inside project is the kitchen, but I think that will probably be a 2014 or later project unless I win the lotto or otherwise come across a significant sum of cash.

There’s plenty more about life I’ve learned while in this house. Check out the rest of the blog for what else I’m writing about.

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