Bathroom Renovation Part Deux

It’s a new year in Myrtle Estates and that means more renovations! This year’s primary project was the main house bathroom. It was mostly functional, but the florescent light fixture was beginning to show its age, a few tiles in the  tub area were starting to come away from the walls, and the lack of a vent was beginning to be a bigger problem. I left it to the same team who renovated/upgraded the master bathroom at RNP Construction to help me out again. Again, they did not disappoint!

This year I decided not to post incessantly about the progress and limited it to one post with before and after photos. Enjoy!


A view from the hallway. Feels like stepping back into time, doesn’t it?

A better view of the old 3-piece mirror setup, bad lighting and bulkhead above the shower taking up space for no reason.

Goodbye, bathroom! The pink tub makes its final stand before the sledgehammer came in. (Those photos were not safe for the web.)

That’s better! Deep tub, new tile, paint color, sink, mirror, lighting, vent. Does it get any better? The “floating” vanity may be one of my favorite things in here.

A view from night time.

This year’s project funded in (large) part by the IRS. Thank you for returning some money to me after holding it in 2011.

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