About Me

Welcome to WUGO. What does the name stand for and why is it the name of the blog? 1) What Up Going On. It is the product of me not being able to properly say “What’s up?” or “What’s going on?” to a coworker as he walked by one day. The phrase stuck and it was shortened to “WUGO” quickly after. I named the blog after it because it’s random and personally humorous every time I come here to write.

This site exists as a way for me to share my thoughts about life, but not in a knee jerk reaction, “re-post and re-hash what I just read for the site traffic” kind of way. I hope to bring my perspective on life, relationships, technology, faith, and whatever else is on my mind here to share with you.

I also hope to continue sharing my amateur photography skills from time to time.

Enjoy the site. Join the conversation in the comments. Take time to process life at a pace slower than what everyone says we should be going at. There’s value in going slower and more deliberately in what we do, think, and say.

Where else you can find me on the Internet:

Twitter: @gmacek

Instagram: @gregmacek

LinkedIn: For the professional shawties

Facebook: @gmacek