Bathroom v2.0 is here!

The bathroom upgrade is complete! The original 1/2 bath with orange, pink, and wall paneling is gone; version 2.0 has made its grand entrance into the world. The update is pretty incredible and to see what the contractors were able to do with the space available is awesome. (I highly recommend these guys if you need a project done, BTW.)

Below are pictures of the finished product. As a bonus, the crew also painted my bedroom, which has transformed that space as well. Thanks for following along on the blog during this project. Now it’s time to enjoy the space and save some money again.

The left wall was originally home to the orange countertop sink. Now home to a new toilet and storage unit. The walls were painted with Benjamin Moore’s San Antonio Grey in an eggshell finish.

The new vanity. I picked this model out for its modern look, wide basin, and narrow depth to give the relatively small space that much more floor space and perceived larger size. The large flat mirror helps reflect more light and makes the room feel big.

Another view of the sink with the shower.

I love the new shower! What was mostly the second closet in my bedroom was masterfully converted into a 48″ x 32″ tiled shower with glass doors. I can’t express the openness the doors help give the room; you don’t feel cramped in here at all.

The bedroom received a facelift during the process as well. The baseboard and window trim received a new coat of decorator white. The walls were painted with Benjamin Moore’s Kendall Charcoal in a flat finish. The space suddenly has a much more modern and calm atmosphere now!

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