I made it to Prague!

After 10+ hours on airplanes and some quality time on Prague’s public transit system, I’ve made it to Prague and the first hostel I’ll be staying at, Sir Toby’s Hostel. While I can’t say there’s much to report just yet, one of the early highlights came in the middle of our flight over the Atlantic and near Iceland. The man sitting next to me informed me that we could see the Northern Lights just outside the window. He stepped away and allowed me what seemed like ages to spend gazing at the wondrous sight. Even just a few hours later, it plays back in my memory as though it were just a dream. Amazing and beautiful. I need to see them again for a longer stretch of time.

I’m doing well so far given the time change. As long as I don’t think about what time I think it should be back home, I’m OK. But sitting for that long is quite tiring. I hope the room is ready soon! Until next time, “sbohem” (goodbye) for now!

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