The day has come! Sabbatical ’11 begins

The day has finally arrived! I’ve done what I can at work to prepare. The bags are packed (the two bags in the pic above is everything I’m bringing), ride to the airport is scheduled, and I’m freshly showered for the last time until I arrive in Prague. This trip and time away from work has been building up so much in my mind, from excitement of the adventure to the anxieties and fears of being away from pretty much everything I know for a whole month.

Ever since this opportunity for a sabbatical was given at work, I told a friend I wanted this time to be “life changing.” I’ve mentioned this before here on the blog, but I’m realizing that just preparing for this trip, being willing to travel solo, choosing to go somewhere far away, and be out of my comfort zone has already begun the process.

My nerves are calm this morning as I await my ride and stare out the living room windows. The next time I post something, I will be in Europe. And to my friend and fellow blogger J, do expect that some of my blogging will be very pretentious. 🙂

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