Books a plenty!

It’s been a frenzy of book purchases lately without as much time to read them. While making the decision to purchase, I forget about the inherently larger time commitment necessary to make reading a worthwhile activity. Recently, I added four more books to the stacked queue (pun intended from a techie and book perspective) as seen in the picture.

Note: you are reading the title right on the lower middle book. It’s called “The Ramen King and I.” I saw it at Borders on clearance and my love for ramen compelled me to purchase it. Hey, it was $4!

What is interesting to me is that right now I’m genuinely excited about taking in new content, whether fiction or non-fiction. My hope is that it will spur on new thoughts as I continue to reflect on life and that I’ll be able to share some of those thoughts here. What are you reading right now that’s compelling, interesting, or otherwise ruffling a feather in you?


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