Writer’s block – removed

I’ve realized I’ve hit a bit of a writer’s block recently. It’s not for a lack of ideas or even of drafts started in WordPress, ready with catchy titles to pull the reader in. Like many things in my life, I think the biggest obstacle in my way is fear that what I write will be nonsensical, irrelevant to anybody reading, or otherwise terrible. My self imposed standards for what’s “important enough” to write enough may be holding me back from working out some potentially fascinating posts.

I also see links on Twitter from friends like Helen about articles that claim most Americans think they can write a novel. (By the way, Helen’s actually is an author who’s published a book!) This blog is daunting to me, but ultimately I can make this space whatever I want it to be.

All this points to carving out time for reflection and thought. I’d also like to carve out time with friends for conversation with depth to inspire me to write. So, for the summer I will make a commitment to write one blog post a week, about anything. No limits on topics, nothing too short, nothing too long. To keep myself publicly accountable to the few that come here, here’s some possible post topics:

  • Stillness in Silence (based on my reading of In Pursuit of Silence)
  • A Lost Childhood
  • Social Media, spurred on by attending a recent conference and Social Media ROI, written by one of the conference discussion leaders.
  • The upcoming bathroom renovation
  • My still to be planned sabbatical

I look forward to the unofficial beginning of summer and the space to not be a slave to just tasks, but also something more.

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