my flower

i stare at a green stem
with this small bud looking thing
growing off the top of it
someone told me to sit there
and watch this little plant
while he went to take care of other matters
he said to tend to it
water this little plant daily
and that i was to just wait and
be surprised in time
i saw him do the same with others around me
giving them a plant to care for
the weeks went by and i followed my orders
nothing seems to be happening i said
everyone else’s plants are more beautiful
than mine
i look and see the splendor and fruits of their labor
before me and i grow restless
desiring my plant to show itself off to the world
that same someone who gave me this stupid plant
said i’m supposed to wait
i asked him why i had to when everyone else’s plants
have blossomed into awe inspiring flowers
that splash the field with
blues and reds and yellows
he told me to continue to wait
that the final result would please me
and joy would fill me
so after a while longer of tending and watering
i began to see a spark of life
it was beginning to open
the glory i saw next overcame me
and joy filled so completely
it came out from my eyes
rivers running down my face
and my flower was indeed wonderful
definitely worth the work
it was a gift i did not deserve
but one i received anyway


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