A Bruised Ego

(And heel. And ribs.)

Since I decided to sign up for another marathon just over 3 weeks ago, I’ve been learning a lot about finding limits. I’m more than 25% through the training schedule, but issues are hindering my already accelerated schedule. I’m concerned I won’t have enough time to properly train and currently doubting if I should still run the race.

During the second week of training, I started experiencing some heel pain in my left foot. Unwavering, I powered through a 5 miler during the week well enough. Yet come that Saturday morning, the heat, tiredness, and that nagging pain in the bottom part of my foot that hits the ground with every step reminded me not all was well and I cut my 12 miler down to 10. Doc says it may just be an inflamed heel and to take some ibuprofen to cut down the swelling. Thanks, drugs!

I followed that up this past weekend with a collision at home plate in a softball game, leaving me with some bruised ribs. That made deep breathing, laughing, and moving around bit sore. Four days later, I’m still sore but slowly feeling improvement or acceptance to the dull pain.

It’s clear I’m not as young as I look, nor as superhuman as I tell myself I am. I essentially took off last week and this week since the doctor said to lay off training.

Is all this a divine message to persevere through the challenges or slow down a little bit? Maybe both.

More than anything, while the heel pain and (hopefully just a) bruised rib are but physical hindrances, I’m mostly feeling a bruised ego right now. I tell myself often I’m capable of a lot and that my weaknesses are few. Clearly, this is false and I find that a difficult truth to accept. Going into this training, I told myself it’d be tough but I could do it. Maybe I still can. Maybe this marathon race isn’t meant to be. I don’t know. I’m not giving up hope just yet.

Until then, I’ll be caring for my body and physically resting so I can be ready to get back out there soon.

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