Looking Back: Top 5 WUGO Blog Posts of 2013

Another year, another set of WUGO ramblings and reflections. 2013 didn’t produce as much writing as I’d hoped, which is something I plan to focus on next year. I suspect there will be much on my mind to work through in the next 12 months.  But for the curious, which WUGO blog posts garnered the most views from readers according to Google Analytics?

1) Interactive and Thoughtful Discourse Part 1

Somehow a 2011 post and 2012 Top 5 post makes it way to the top of this year’s list! It seems its contents continue to resonate with the Internet. It seems our general lack of ability to truly have conversation is hitting home with readers.

2) The Ache of Inaction

The most recent post covering a multitude of topics and areas in my life takes second place this year for readers. And I’ve had conversations with a handful of you sharing your appreciation and resonance with the post.

3) That Sounds Like a Mis-spent Childhood

Not my first blog post on childhood, but this was the most recent one reflecting on my own unique experiences growing up. (It’s OK, I know we’re all special and unique, just like everyone else.)

4) To Be or Not To Be All Things

An early summer post on trying to do it all – or at least appear that way. Something I should go back, read, and reflect on in my current state in life.

5) Technology & Life: The More Things Change

And last but not least, an early 2013 post looking at how our present always has some foundation in the past and that we shouldn’t so quickly forget that. I also looked at how culture has grown in its laziness to make decisions and desire to understand how things work.

2014 and Beyond

I feel like I say this every year, or at least think it, but 2013 brought a lot of changes with it that will flow over into the coming year. These changes will cause me to rethink a lot of what I know and challenge me to stretch and grow in ways I had previously not planned for. Should be an interesting ride.

Loyal and new readers alike: If you could choose what topics you want me to write and share about, what would they be? Sound off in the comments or wherever I share this link online (FB, Twitter, Google+).

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