Photography: Finding the Light in the Darkness

I recently acquired a new DSLR, the Nikon D7000. It’s a beautiful piece of camera hardware that has features I only hope to fully grasp in the coming months – and likely years. Since it’s higher up in the ladder of NIkon’s DSLR range, it has better compatibility to do more with less light. Things like a bigger ISO range, less image noise, a better image processor, and so on.

So this winter I took it out to try my hand at some night photography and capture Christmas decorations and the quiet stillness of a winter evening. One thing that cannot be properly captured here is the cold air that bites at my fingers while I setup a shot. Below are just a few examples of what I’ve been able to capture so far with the D7000 and a 35mm/1.8 prime lens, except where noted below.

 Night photographyA view down St. Charles Rd. in Lombard, IL. f/4 stop, 1/40sec exposure. ISO 800.

Itasca Usher Park lamp posts night photographyWalking path lit by lamp posts in Itasca, IL’s Usher Park. f/5 stop, 1.3 sec exposure, ISO 100.


Night photo

 Villa Ave looking south in Villa Park, IL . f/2.8 stop, 1/30 sec. exposure, ISO 900.

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