Running and Discipline

My last post was the beginning of this new focused journey on running and preparing myself for the Shamrock Shuffle at the end of March. I’m 3 weeks into the training and I’m learning – or re-learning – some lessons.

Discipline, accountability and consistency is key. When I first started, the trainer asked me how many days a week I planned on committing to. I said 3 was realistic. Even now, that is a good limit for me and my current schedule. (Yes, even single people can have a lot going on, right Joy?) But really, without this defined schedule in place, it’s highly unlikely I would’ve mustered up enough motivation and energy to go this often. And this with something I want to be ready to do!

It’s also not easy to say no to a workout when you are being held accountable by someone to going and them asking you the following week how the workouts went. When I have to look someone in the eye and tell them I did or didn’t make the workout, I want to truthfully tell them I did it. I’m finding having the accountability of the trainer incredibly helpful, even if my wallet doesn’t always agree.

All this comes down to discipline. Without it, the Shamrock Shuffle 8K would probably be a frustrating experience. Instead, I am building myself up, stretching myself (literally and figuratively) and pushing my limits each time I workout. I’m seeing the benefits of it even through the pain. What’s most revealing is how other parts of life are holding me back. Eating poorly has a more direct impact on my workouts, as does a lack of quality sleep. I’m always amazed at how interconnected life is even at the individual level. This time is providing some great life lessons that are extending well beyond the initial goal of being able to run an 8K race. I’ll continue to share my thoughts as they are cohesive enough for consumption.


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