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Seeing How the Locals Do

It’s not just about the big pretty sights, but the little things too. Parks, train lines, walking paths. These are the things that catch my eye as I walk around. Enjoy a small peek into the (mostly) less touristy views of Prague thus far. During these moments of considering their perspective, it becomes a little less about “vacationing” and more just about being and living in the moment.

I took a walk through this large green space just south of Prague Castle. I actually ended up spending afternoon here meandering then stopping to read instead of making to the Castle! Being away from the activity of the city was just what I needed yesterday. It was great watching families and friends (you could tell most people where I had stopped were locals) just hanging out in this park enjoy their afternoon.

You’re probably thinking, “more parks, really?” And my answer is “Yes!” A perfect mix of warmth, breeze, shaded sunlight, and available seating made this a wonderful place to stop for an hour or so. And I’m not required to purchase something to stay.

I’m trying to remember where this garden was, but it was tucked away just off a path. Few people paid attention to the gated entry way this was hiding behind. Seats interspersed throughout this small space with a couple winding paths. I’ll spare everyone the numerous flower pics I took, but it was quaint and beautiful here.
On my way back, I passed by the main train station in Prague (Hlavni Nadrazi). This scene intrigued me. Perhaps it’s the crazy mess of rail lines or how it represents the city’s growth over the years and connections to the rest of the continent. It’s something I could see myself putting up as artwork one day.

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