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Sabbatical: 7 days and counting

It’s amazing how quickly time moves. I feel like it was just 2 months ago that I was buying plane tickets to Prague and still a bit unsure about what it was I actually going to do on this trip. As of today, I have a bit more outlined, but am leaning toward my “P” tendencies (of the INFP personality type as defined by Myers-Briggs) and want to leave some of the trip in a more undefined state. Hostels are aplenty in Europe and tickets for train rides don’t get crazy expensive if you don’t purchase them months in advance.

I feel like I’ve already gone through a lot of internal change just in preparing for this trip. The fact that I’ve mentally prepared to take this trip by myself has brought upon some anxiety and concern. But then friends have reached out and put me in touch with people they know in places I’m going so I’ll have people to reach out to and possibly even hang out with. It’s through these actions that I’m reminded people here are thinking of me as I prepare to travel to far away lands.

With just one business week left before I go, I’m realizing I have much to do and a bit of knowledge to share with coworkers to allow them to work well in my absence over this next month. I also have a lot of personal activities and hanging out with people prior to my trip, along with more things to buy (of course.) I have just all about my tech needs resolved with my DSLR and a small, but powerful enough, laptop to handle my photo editing and uploading, along with my pretentious blogging needs (right, Joy?)

My hope is that all of you who read my blog and keep up with my travels and reflections will share comments here and join with me in the journey. While I’ll be traveling alone, I know I’ll still be connected to people. Though I hope not to be tethered to a laptop and the Internet whenever I’m not sight seeing.

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