Sabbatical ’11 – 3 weeks and counting

It’s hard to believe my trip is only 3 weeks away. There is so much I feel like I need to do at work to prepare alongside my actual trip preparations. At times, it’s difficult to find the motivation to plan stuff by myself. Really, it’s just me so I can be flexible. The part I have to schedule is transportation and housing (though this is less stressful due to the large amounts of hostels in the bigger cities of Europe.

Thankfully, my first two weeks of lodging in Prague are taken care of. To boot, it’s only costing me $225 US! You have to love that. And that leaves more money for food, drinks, sightseeing, etc. I have no idea what I intend to see and do during those first two weeks, but I fully except there will be a lot of walking, photographing, sitting in cafes and parks reading and writing, and possibly meeting people in the hostels and hanging out with them as well. Admittedly, that will be a stretch for me. Then again, doing this whole trip solo will be a stretch.

The biggest thing that keeps going through my head about this sabbatical is I want it to be life changing on some level, which I’ve talked about with a good friend for a while now. What “life changing” means has been difficult to explain, even to myself. All I know is I want to come back shaped by my experiences, by time away from the routine and regular responsibilities of day to day life. I’d love to have a clearer vision of what’s ahead for me, personally and professionally.  That stretches from my roles in friendships/relationships, my leadership and management at work, taking care of myself physically, mentally, spiritually. All that time in Prague at the beginning will hopefully create that space I’m looking for to process all the thoughts that are constantly running around in my mind.

Stay tuned as I decide on where to go for part or all of week 3 of the sabbatical. I just found out Easyjet flies to Prague, so that opens up a few cities farther away for low prices. But in the spirit of the trip being life-changing, where should I go?

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