Bathroom Renovation – In the Home Stretch!

It’s been a bit longer than I anticipated to get a new post up about the bathroom progress, but the week slipped past me. Suffice to say a lot of work was completed! The week prior, walls were ripped down, and this week, new ones were built. New floor and walls were put in, new plumbing, new electrical, and the tile work is more than 75% complete! I’ll stop boring you with words and show progress with some pictures.

The project (I’m hoping) will be complete by end of this week. I look forward to sharing the final transformation!

New bathroom window day it was installed. Should let in more light!

The shower stall is coming together!

Next to the shower: home to the new sink.

A view from the bedroom. Imagine a new toilet (non-pink even!) and a nice gray color on those walls in a couple days…

I debated showing tile shots, but the grout isn’t in yet, so I’ll hold off until later this week when that is done and the paint is on the walls.

And this is my currently very messy bedroom. Take a look, because soon the walls will be a new charcoal gray. I’m pretty excited for this change, since it should feel very calming and modern in here.


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