Old Stove



I moved into a new house in August. At 50 years old, it has tons of character. I hope to be as hip as this place when I turn 50. It screams retro in most rooms. One item in particular was the stove. I have a feeling it is almost as old as the house itself. While beautiful and big at 40″ wide and having 2 ovens, I needed to replace it with something that would consistently turn the burners on and had oven doors that would open. I took a couple pictures of it before having it hauled away by Sears.

  • Joy

    I’m sad you had to let it go… that stove looks EPIC! Please tell me you at least stayed with a gas burner?

    • WUGO

      The stove was epic in its age and size. I was a little sad to see it go because of its history and character. It did have a little gift inside in the form of 2 cast iron skillets. Now to read up on how to care for and use them in cooking.

      And yes, I did stay with a gas burning stove. No way I’d go electric.

  • joy

    ooo…. cast iron skillets are legit! I’ll have to get you some good southern recipes (like skillet cornbread!). haha… they’re one of those things though, that you don’t scrub clean. Just wash. It’s part of how your cure the iron.

    Gas stoves are something people down here just don’t really have and I can’t stand cooking on electric. I always cook for my parents when I’m home just because I love gas ranges…

  • The Old Man

    I like to think of the great meals and family gatherings over holidays and other events that this stove provided.