Remembering the Good Times: Top 5 WUGO Blog Posts of 2012

2012 is almost behind us, and if the Mayans are right, pretty soon there won’t be anything ahead of us. Today’s post brings back the most viewed blog posts from this past year with short reflections on each. So here they are in order of total page views (thanks Google Analytics for secretly tracking everyone!):

1) Bathroom Renovation Part Deux

Who doesn’t love a good transformation story, especially when there are pictures? I had linked to this blog post on an Apartment Therapy page about bathroom renovations and it got a number of views from there.

2) Longevity and Loyalty

It’s so rare to hear stories of anyone sticking anything out for long periods of time these days, perhaps this post about my 12+ years at my job resonated with readers.

3) Interactive and Thoughtful Discourse Part 1

A 2011 post makes a 2012 comeback appearance. Some traffic to this came through search results and a little bit through link backs in other blog posts throughout this year. The topic is still incredibly relevant and important to me to this day. Also check out the follow up post to it.

4) Negative Space

This post focused on trying to leave space in life to allow moments and experiences to stand out. Life shouldn’t be running at full speed all the time.

5) My Missing Childhood Stories

Another 2011 post makes its way into the top 5. Apparently, it was a good year for my writing and Google searchers have found me. I guess readers resonated with this post as well.

There you have it. A year in review that isn’t quite over yet. I may have a post or two left, but we’ll see where the holidays take me. Thanks for reading my meanderings. I’ll continue to write and share at my own pace whether or not anyone reads. And that’s.. OK with me.


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