Sabbatical flashback: Breaking for direction

Upon one of my first of many non-directed wanderings through the streets of Prague, I came upon this scene of these two guys sitting on the sidewalk up against a building. They appeared to be looking at a travel guide probably because they found themselves lost in the winding, non-grid street system. I did this plenty of times after walking for a while after losing my sense of direction. A few times I would find myself in a sense of deja vu after coming upon the same streets because I walked in circles. Although I always tried to be discreet about my map review so I didn’t look too touristy. I’m sure my orange camera messenger bag helped me blend right in.

At first glance, the scene itself isn’t anything special. It was on a quiet side street where few people where walking that afternoon. What caught my eye is the gentleman on the right appeared to have Down’s Syndrome. As some readers may know, my older brother has Down’s. In an instant I was drawn back home. This small part of life in Prague reminded me a little bit of where I came from and of my own life. Perhaps if I was a bit more adventurous or able to speak Czech, I would’ve stopped to have a conversation and learn more about these men. Instead, I leave this image below to our imagination about their conversation and lives.

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