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Sabbatical Spotlight: Observations in Stillness

As I continue to traverse Prague and its historic streets and buildings, I can’t help but feel everything just slowing down. But it’s more of the pace that’s slowing down. What I need to do every day is less as I’ve already seen a lot of the major sites, today finishing up my exploration of the buildings that make up Prague Castle (3 of the 5 locations didn’t allow pictures without a “license”, which was really just a way to get more money from tourists.)

I do have to share that this week I also had the chance to go to a Chinese restaurant in the area (may go again tonight!). Cheaper than back home (I think $4US for the food), fast, and decently tasty. I must say, I felt very complete to eat Chinese food in the Czech Republic. (Note for those who don’t know: I’m 1/2 Chinese and 1/2 Czech.)

Here’s a couple random pics on life in Prague.

Ah, Pilsner Urquell. Available just about everywhere and consumed by just about everybody who visits Prague, probably including kids. They do make a lovely pairing to most any meal, especially at less than $2US for a o,5L glass.

Ah, Super Hearts. The bag of heart shaped fried something with images of super big salt piles to keep that super heart pumping super hard.

Caught walking through Old Town Square around sunset. Pretty, isn’t it? I foresee this turning into a big print one day…

Now, for some random thoughts and observations:

  • I love cities that are built around walking and (cheap!) public transit as primary modes of transportation. That being said, I’m also quite happy that I haven’t been in a car since my ride to the airport last week.
  • People seem to enjoy life here. They walk at a decent clip, but not in a Chicago or NYC “I’m in a rush because I think I’m important” kind of way.
  • They love beer here, as noted above. Only thing that’s lacking is variety in most restaurants. The craft brew scene must be small here.
  • As many have noted, I also love this hostel. Great atmosphere and they have something going on every night to encourage interaction. The atmosphere in the public spaces is friendly and comfortable.
  • I’ve missed gelato. There’s just something about getting a scoop on a waffle cone walking around a historic European city that’s so refreshing. I tried ice cream once since being here and it’s just not the same anymore…
  • Since being here, I’ve gone through 2 books and am finishing up a third right now. Guess I can do a lot of reading without all those pressures of things like “work” around. That, and no TV and not being online all day long.
I’ll continue to share more pictures as the days go by. Can’t drop them all on you at once, right? Then they wouldn’t be as special. 

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