March 24, 2002

Open a door to a room
peer inside to see that it contains
the images of a life that it once held
of a child, a young boy
expectations of car posters, baseball cards
and last night’s after-dinner snack plate
are all unfulfilled
what is found?
four walls that find themselves naked
empty drawers and notebooks from no childhood hobbies
a tv rarely used for anything but re-runs
seen 10 times over already
it’s unknowinlgy becoming his shield
from what much of the world others find as normal
the latest (and not so latest) movies are not on schedule
children’s rhymes and songs had no place here
and now – when this boy stands in the mirror
he sees a reflection of a life he feels few
can truly connect with
points of contact are few and far between
he knows all this is not that important in the end
yet he demands to know why it frustrates him so much


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