Home renovations are coming!

I’ve been in my house for a little over 6 months so far. It’s been a mostly positive experience outside of a couple minor issues with the sump pump in the fall/early winter. Oh, the joys of basements!


Shortly after I moved in, I had some windows replaced. You can see them in the Calm Friday Morning blog post. From there, you can also see the accent wall in the dining room and the light gray living room walls. However, the first really big change that’s currently being planned is an upgrade to the 1/2 bath in the master bedroom. If you walk in there now, you are presented with an orange countertop sink with a complimentary pink sink, orange curtains, and a pink toilet. Oh, and the walls are all medium dark wood paneling. The best part? There’s a 3 ball and chain lighting “system”! I will devote a future blog post to some before shots of the bathroom before the renovation.

What I have to do before getting the project kicked off:

  • Pick a toilet
  • Pick a sink and matching countertop
  • Pick a faucet
  • Pick a mirror/vanity
  • Pick lighting
  • Pick colors for the accents in the room (towel rails, toilet paper holder, etc.)
  • Pick out tile color for the shower
  • Pick out tile color for the floor

I’m a bit overwhelmed by the choices right now, but am very excited for the finished product! Stay tuned for progress reports over the coming weeks. The goal is to be done by summer. Yay for home ownership!

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